Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Polish Challenge!

Just a little note:

During the month of October every Monday I will be doing Pitbull Awareness nails and every Wednesday I will be doing Breast Cancer Awareness nails! 

How many of you are willing to join me? 

Little things like polish bring up a lot of conversations......and it can be food for thought :)

Todays Mani:
Rainbow Honey Ephemeral & Rainbow Honey Hanami

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sindie Pop Review

Sindie Pop Lacquer is a new indie polish brand that I recently fell in love with. I saw this collection on Tumblr and I knew I needed "Mermaid To Love Him". However, once I got to Sindie Pop's website and saw that "If The Heel Fits" would be a limited edition and there was only one left, I knew it was destiny. 

Sindie Pop was quick to process my order and super fast with shipping! While I was impatiently waiting for "If The Heel Fits" to arrive, I tweeted @SindiePop and told her how excited I was. She quickly responded and carried on a conversation with me explaining that "If The Heel Fits" is officially discontinued BUT she is working on a formula to bring back a similar version. She was so kind and kept me informed about when she shipped my order and when I could expect it. 

(Sindie Pop on the left, Polished By KPT on the right) 

I don't know why, but I'm so anal about packaging. Rainbow Honey has such cute packaging for an indie brand that I have high expectations. Nail Sauce even includes her business card! Sindie Pop came in similar packaging to a blog sale. I won't let that affect my decision to buy from her again because she is very new (she launched in August!) but I hope that next time there will be nicer packaging. I do like her labels though, I think they're adorable! 

BUT AH! The actual product was so much better than I expected! In the picture, "If The Heel Fits" can not show off its true beauty. It is officially one of my favorite polishes, if not my most favorite. The application was so flawless and I received full coverage in two coats. On top of that, it gives off a jelly vibe. I can't decide if it is a jelly polish or not, but it definitely gives off some sort of jelly look. I had numerous people grab my hand to look at this beautiful color and someone even said it reminded them of Cinderella! Which is exactly who it is inspired by. I am sad that this polish is Limited Edition and no longer available but I am looking forward to purchasing more polishes from Sindie Pop since she exceeded my expectations. 

Sindie Pop's new fall line consists of four colors, "Witching Hour", "Golden Raspberries", "Sea of Dreams" and "Velvet Darkness". They are all currently in stock in her store. I haven't heard her announce anymore colors but when I checked her shop I noticed she has three new colors in addition to the fall colors, these polishes are "Roger That!", "Mr. Mouse" and "I'm Just Drawn Bad". These seven colors are available in full size and mini as well as her "Disney Princess" collection. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glue Base Coat Tutorial/Review

I have been using Glue as my first base coat for a few months now and I love it. I used to always pick off my nail polish because I hated the smell of acetone. Plus, I'm impatient and only used 100% acetone which is not good for your nails. I now always use glue as a base coat and whether that is better or not for your nails, it seems to be beneficial for my nails. 

I have a spare polish brush that I use for this and I just stick it in a big bottle of Elmer's Glue and paint my nails. The above picture is what the glue will look like when first painted on. I paint directly on my nails, without a base coat. 

After a few minutes, the glue will dry and be sort of shiny. The above picture is the glue after it dries. 

I then paint my nails like I would any other day. I still use a base coat, however, it is not necessary. I just have a fear of staining and I find the base coat to be an extra reassurance!! This picture is after two days of wearing this mani! The glue stood up great, I have only had it chip off once when using the glue technique. 

To remove, I just take my finger nail and go around the edges of the polish. A cuticle pusher or toothpick will work just as well. Once I have gone around the edges, the polish begins to loosen up. 

I can then peel it right off! 

You can see how smoothly it came off and all in one piece. It probably took less than a minute. 

It's magic! 

Woo-hoo! No staining! My nails are already ready for another mani :)

I highly recommend the Glue method! It is great for keeping mani's quick and easy!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Sick Week

It's been a very busy few weeks adjusting to school, internship and work. I've been able to keep it all together and luckily have been very efficient in time management. However, its only been a couple weeks and we all know I'm addicted to procrastination. Anyways.... leave it to me to get sick twice already since school started and I'm feeling miserable. I think my allergies flared and now I have sinusitis. OH WELLS.

But onto the important.... things I have been loving this week:
Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea is a gift from heaven. I've been drinking this so much. 

Using Elmer's glue as a base coat

Popchips which are SO YUMMY especially with Hummus!! They kind of remind me of less salty munchos though so we will see how long I stick with these.

Facebook groups. Which have been keeping me thoroughly entertained, giving me great deals on polish and introducing me to tons of people who are so nice and welcoming! I am loving it. 

Watched this movie last night and it was HILARIOUS! loved it. 

Then again, how can a movie be bad with men as gorgeous as him in it. *swoon*

My favorite pair of slippers have been cuddling my feet all week. Love it.

My first Lynnderella is on its way to me Monday! I can't wait. I bought in hopes of making my sick self cheer up and it is working. I am excited to get those colors on my nails.

I think thats about it for now. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty Sale + Contest

Hello Readers! Just wanted to share with you guys a quick tip! I'm part of some "nail polish" facebook groups and sometimes people share their sales with members. I've bought a lot of nail polish from these groups and always at awesome prices!

If you're interested in beauty products (ahem, who isn't?!) I encourage you to check out another group members beauty sale. She has products ranging from makeup to books to perfume! She even has really nice brands such as Tarte and Bare Minerals. Don't forget the Mary Kay eye shadows and you ALL know how I love my Mary Kay!

Check it out here:

If you see something you like, feel free to send her a facebook message or, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, leave a comment on here and I will relay the message to her!

ALSO! ThePolishHoochie is having an AMAZING giveaway! Seriously guys! Check it out here:

You all need to thank me for all these tips now, ya hear?! ;)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nails of August

Hey Guys! Sorry for the lack of updating, August was a busy month (started back at school!) and I'm having a bit of down time because of labor day. I'll try and get a couple posts out of this weekend ;)

The pic above and the pic below are both nail designs I did on my Mom while I was in Virginia Beach visiting her. The design up top is a cloud design she picked out with a matte top coat. I LOVED the colors on her but she wasn't a fan of the orange. Below is a "mermaid" style design that she loved. 

Above is a gradient style design with a Matte top coat. I used three different Sally Hansen HD colors and a makeup brush to get the look. I LOVED it and I wore it until it started chipping. Below is a look that I have been chasing after for a while! I LOVE Rainbow Honey polishes and have been wanting Koi Pond for a while. The second I got it, I layered it over a dark blue by Jessica. So much sparkle was distracting :P

Above was my "first day of school" nails that consisted of JJL Precious Pink and JJL Fairytale. Loved it and it lasted a while. The picture below makes me miss my long nails! I had to cut them all off because one broke :(

Recent nail hauls. The one on top is from Marshalls and Walmart. I FINALLY found the lavendar-ish color I was looking for from the Color Show line. I'm really loving the top coat that came with the Jessica Heritage collection. I bought the below polishes at Ross, the entire purchase was around $8!! 

The best for last!! RAINBOW HONEY!!! Bah! The Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Mini collection and Sakura Matsuri cuticle balm. I am in love with all these colors and cant wait to swatch them! 

You're probably wondering why there is a random Starbucks picture. One, because my nails look perfectly long and I didn't take a picture of the design I had on (it was a coral with white stripes!) and two because I REALLY WANT A VERY BERRY HIBISCUS REFRESHER RIGHT NOW! Yumm... 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nails of the past few weeks

Teal Matte with Mint Leopard 

The little girls I watch and I had a nails day

My only nail haul this month & I spent only $10 total. Obsessed with Julep!

Julep Robin Matte 

A knitting design. This is actually a magnetic polish, I just didn't use the magnet. 

Sinful Colors Cinderella Leopard 

Wet N Wild, some shade of purple layered with a Nicole By Opi Let's Get Star-ted

Essie Turquoise & Caicos layered with a plain white and Julep Rose

I was a little lazy this month and didn't take pics of all the designs and I haven't changed my nail polish a lot. As you can see, a lot of the designs are pretty basic. I haven't found anything to really inspire me too much this month!